Monday, 7 November 2011

Pat - a special message

This is s a special blog that I am writing to fulfill the generous wish of my friend Pat Rutter who suggested that people send a donation to the work of eddigoeseast instead of flowers for her funeral .

Pat has followed my journey from the moment I first thought of coming out to Sri Lanka through the emptying of my  house in Brighton to the journey out here and the year that has passed since then.

I met with her in April when I was in UK for 2 weeks and I was so pleased when she told me she planned to come out to Sri Lanka  for a holiday  and give a helping hand at the Centre.
That was only a few weeks before she found out that she had cancer.

So it's with a heavy heart that I write this because she was a  lovely, sensible, beautiful, funny and very supportive friend to me over countless cups of tea and I miss her. Her heart was always in the right place.  Now she has asked her friends to give donations in her memory to support this project in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka and I have a small private garden here which will be dedicated to her.

The way to give donations

Cheques made out to D.E.PIPER (ege)
with your address and PAT written on the back
And a note of any message you would like passed on to the family
Post to 

Piper/ EGE
c/o HAzel Ainsley
61 Priory St

OR you may prefer to donate by bank transfer
to account number 12277012
account name D.E. Piper
sort code 08 91 03

Please add the reference PAT with your name
and email me at to let me know that you have made a transfer-- othewise I will not be able to tell the family who you are or send any acknowledgement.
or post a message to Hazel Ainsley at the address above

Your donation will be used entirely for direct work with young people here in Sri Lanka.
I meet all my own and administrative expenses as part of my retirement project which will continue until at least May 2013.

Visitors are welcome in our very pleasant and affordable accommodation which help fund the project.

If you would like to receive notifications of news blogs about the project please let me know or add your name to the mailing list.

kind regards
Eddi Piper

Dorothy Eddi Piper
Sura Medura Arts Centre
Wewalgoda Road
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka mobile number
+94 774328118
Sri Lanka land line +94(0) 912276021
Skype eddipiper42


Early morning and we’re on the beach,-- a small dog and me
The sun rises bright on golden sands and palm trees
White capped waves the ocean roars

On a very long lead --Zigger –cute dog - prances through the surf, catching driftwood
I brush the sand from my face and sit on a log watching him bury the wood and dig it up and bury it again , and dig it up

And a little way off-- under a group of coconut palms
You sit –-- smiling --– wishing us well

Evening comes and the dog sleeps soundly at my feet as
I sit in your garden under thousands of stars and a white shining moon
And in the clear night sky I see a new star
and I whisper
“Hello my dear loving friend - Fare well on your journey- fare well and fly free”

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